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I released this song as the first single and first video in early August 2020.  If I am being honest, it was because it was the first song that was completed!  It also has a bit of a pop element to it, as far as the chorus hook goes.  In it's early sketches, the song was presented to a few other members of Lloyd Dobler Effect when we were considering tunes for another album and live performances.  However, it was only a fraction of what it ended becoming, and for one reason or another, it was shelved and we went forward with a handful of other tunes I had written, I think "Sunlight", "Evidence" and "Faded" to be part of, unfortunately, more or less a forgettable album.

Maybe it is fitting that this album was released in the Fall.  It seems that many lyrics I write touch on things to do with Autumn and rebirth out of death.  "Weather's changing, the leaves have scattered on the ground".  This song is about changes and reflection.  It is about looking back and realizing the things that made you what you are today, but in some ways, it is also about celebrating those things and what you've become.

Interestingly enough, one of my favorite parts of this song, which is the response harmony vocals on the choruses, was second to last thing recorded and was not planned.  I needed a bit of a vocal isolation booth for recording, so I built a makeshift one in my garage using bedsheets, studio foam panels that I duct taped together and tripod speaker stands.  I put my microphone in that poor man's set up and recorded about half the vocals on this album over the course of about a week, in the wee morning hours between midnight and 3am.  I recorded three or four sets of response vocals and, just to hear how the end result would shape up, I made a rough layered mix of one of the choruses.  I thought that the addition of them completely transformed the song and made me like it so much more than before.  And, skipping back to the recording process in my garage, I'll never forget my neighbor Evan telling me a few days later, "Hey!  Did you have some girl singing in your garage few nights ago?  I was out having a smoke, she sounded great!".  Ha Ha.  I guess the high harmony line, which is hardly audible in the final mix, didn't quite sound like my gender while I was recording.

Lastly, the piano on the beginning of this song was added to the song at the last minute, and just prior to the last bounced mix of the song.  It was never planned, the intro just seemed a little empty to me and now, I can't imagine the song without it.

Oh... And why is a sloth on the cover of the single?  I've got nothing for you, except that they are adorable, almost always appear to be smiling and they provide endless images that are seemingly optimistic... so, why not?











Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Gibson 335 Electric Guitar, Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar, Martin GPC Acoustic Guitar, Maton Acoustic TE Guitar, Various Synth, String and Piano Settings​ via Logic, AT2020 Vocal Microphone, Various Drum Kit Percussion, Fender Jazz Bass.



David Gray, David Gilmour.  



(c) 2020 Phil Kominski Music


There are places I should be.

I often tell myself.

Another person I should be,

A life of someone else.


When I am older, 

I hope I learn what life’s about.

‘Cause when I was younger,

I swore I had it all figured out.


And weather’s changing

Leaves have scattered on the ground

A cold wind’s blowing

The wails of winter bearing down.


I think about you and me

When we were seventeen

Ignorant and innocent

Full of hope, full of dreams.


All those days follow me

Like a welcomed chain, pulling back on me

How those days fall on me

Like a heavy weight

Ain’t life a mystery?


Every note is more precise

Ait always should have been.

Every word is more sincere

Though cynically swollen.


And some days roll out the storm clouds

And thoughtless words that cut like a knife

But through the gray and back,

I’ll always love you more than life.


All, those days follow me

When I’m alone… and I’m losing sleep.

Ahh, these days fall on me

Like a heavy weight

Ain’t life a mystery?

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"Ain't Life A Mystery" - Phil Kominski of The Breakaways
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