Fans of 90'S alternative music.  Maybe some 80's Progressive Pop Fans.


This song was first created in 2016.  Hilary, a good buddy of mine, had asked me to put together a song for her to gift to her soul mate, with lyrics that she had written.  So, I wrote the music and melodies with her words.  I remember that, at the time,  that the television show "Stranger Things" had recently come out.  I liked the opening music during the title sequence and I found a sound patch on my workstation that sounded little like that "80's synth" sound.  I used it in the track, possibly obnoxiously so.

Years later, I came across this song in my iTunes and thought that if I rerecorded it and rewrote the melodies and lyrics, it could be a good addition for the album.  So, I re-recorded the music and added more instruments.  However, I had a difficult time coming up with lyrics I liked and a few new melodies for the piece.  Then, one day in late June 2020 while I was on a long bike ride, I happened to be passing by my old high school (or, what is left of it... they rebuilt 90% of it a few years back).  Right away, the melodies and ideas for lyrics popped into my head.  I pulled out my iPhone and hummed a few lyric lines and their melodies into the voice record app and headed home to put down some words for recording later that night.

The song is about looking back to high school days and the thoughts, plans, dreams and ideas we had for life after school.  It's about change and not changing.  Also, I have a few lines in the verses that, separately, are about two individuals who I lost along the way.  One passed away and the other is just so different, distant and seemingly self-isolated from the majority of the world and our views.  

like the image of a koala bear attached to a pole in Times Square.  It makes me think of something sweet in the middle of overwhelming chaos.  If you look around, and, I mean truly stop and look around at your place on this earth, you will find that regret and failed plans never need to be so consuming.  They are many, many endless amounts of roads to go down, people to meet and experiences to have.  Don't worry about aging.  We all age.  You will alway be able to do new things and experience aspects of this universe.  Keep love and hope in your heart and be there for the ones you cherish.
















Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Gibson 335 Electric Guitar, Various Synth, String and Piano Settings​ via Logic, AT2020 Vocal Microphone, Various Drum Kit Percussion, Fender Jazz Bass.


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Just the mystical musical muses in the cosmos.  No one in particular.



(c) 2020 Phil Kominski Music


Oh, The time we shared.

And all the plans we had, but I

Never stopped believing

Is anyone receiving this? 

I’m still trying… getting by 

I’m still burdened…. still uncertain 

From hallways to the streets


You know that the same sun shines on everyone

But not the same as back when we were young.

Oh, and now can you hear me?

In spite of all, I know you’re gone, and

You can’t come back, somewhere, 

I hope you’re smiling, I hope you’ve found the

Peace I know you never had on earth.


Oh, The times we shared.

And all the plans we had, but I

Never stopped believing

Is anybody receiving this, I’m

Still trying… getting by, I’m

Still standing through the disbanding 

From hallways to the streets.


You know that same voice calls to all of us

To deaf to hear, we’re always in a rush.

But, oh, can you hear me?

Where have you gone? I know 

We’ve changed and we can’t go back

And still I hold to something, 

That’s really nothing… 

Nothing more than echos in the past


Oh, The time we shared.

And all the plans we had, but I

Never stopped believing

Is anyone receiving me, I’m

Still trying… getting by, I’m

Still after… the next chapter

And always to the streets.


You know that the same sun shines on everyone.

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