Fans of The Police, Sting, Pink Floyd, Tears For Fears.


I put together a drum section groove for this song and I remember writing the little piano line.  It's a very simple little piece, but it set the tone for everything else that was to be added to this track.  I put down the equally as simple bass line and the pocket groove fit nicely, to my ears.  The lead guitar line that meanders in and out from the beginning of the song into the second verse was a "one take" recording, just grooving around with the tone I had created and upon playback, I thought, "Huh... That sounds kind of neat.  I'm sure I'll re-record it somewhere down the line".  As time went on, though, it grew on me even more and I decided that it was an important part of the song.

This song, quite simply, is about losing your mind.  It's about slipping away from the known world and known experiences, not really by choice, but by the influence of unseen and unknown entities.  Important Note:  This is not autobiographical!  Ha Ha.  It is more of me trying to slip into the mind or the situation of someone else, which I feel I do a lot within the lyrics I write.  I think it is an interesting and liberating approach.  I tried to be playful with several of the lines in this song, however, so it wouldn't be too dark.  For instance, lines like, "They're coming for me!  ...Padded Cells and Fuzzy Feat", referencing an institutionalized person imprisioned in a padded cell and provided with fuzzy soft slippers instead of shoes for wearing.

I always like when soundscapes are added into songs, when appropriate.  This tune is filled with whispers, laughs, heartbeats, other worldly noises, etc.  It makes things a bit spooky, but truly adds, I feel, to the overall atmosphere of the song.











Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Gibson 335 Electric Guitar, Various Synth, String and Piano Settings​ via Logic, AT2020 Vocal Microphone, Various Drum Kit Percussion, Fender Jazz Bass.


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The Police, Sting, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, The Cars.  



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I’m hearing voices

I’m hearing voices


I’m hearing voices

Whispers and words from apparitions

stories that never saw fruition

and now only names etched in stone.


I’m seeing visions

Traces of faces I don’t believe in

spirits that test my stretch of reason

preying on me in my thoughts.


I’m hearing voices

I’m hearing voices, you know.

I’m hearing voices.

Voices from long ago.


I’m hearing voices!

You know what this means.

They’re coming for me.

Padded cells, fuzzy feat.

I’m hearing voices!

And no doubt tomorrow

I’m spilling my sorrow

At the group therapy.


I’m hearing voices


Oh, What a tragedy.

The end of a life lived in sanity

It’s eroding what’s left within my vanity

At the end of my rope, as it goes.


It’s my catastrophe.

Who am I now or who should I be?

I consider self-operated lobotomy

To unscramble my brain, but there’s no cure…


I’m hearing voices!

You know what this means.

They’re coming for me.

Padded cells, fuzzy feat.

I’m hearing voices!

There’s no use pretending

Or checking the facts and 

Nothing adds up to me.

I’m hearing voices!

I’ve pictured my future

It’s such a bleak outlook

All these whispers in me

I’m hearing voices!

And maybe they’ll weaken

Until then, I’m deep in

This big woe is me.

Woe is me.   Woe is me.  Woe is me

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