Ten Bucks and A Coke - 2002

Recorded live at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC at the 2002 HFStival.

Ecstasy Sold Here - 2001

Studio recording that helped to push LDE into the mainstream.

Drift - 1998

LDE's second studio recording. Features Kevin McIntyre (bassist for Ben Rector).

  • Meet Me In London4:00
  • Radio4:59
  • There's Something About Christmas Time4:07
  • In Twilight3:51
  • Eighth Angel5:33
  • Running On Empty4:16
  • Imagine3:38
  • What A Wonderful World4:12
  • 200 More Miles5:10

The Secret That Almost Met With God - 1994

Phil Kominski's very first recording from High School days!

The Sloth - 1996

The very first LDE recording and first collaboration between Donnie Williams and Phil Kominski.

Mossman Sessions - 2002

Studio recordings that were released as "in progress" ideas.  "Cool As December" later re-surfaced on LDE's Experience disc.

Left Footprints - 2003

Four Song studio album that was given away to fans on a special performance in 2003.

Live At 9:30 - 2003

The last recording of the "old era" of LDE was recorded live at the legendary 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

LIVE 2004 - 2004

The first recording of LDE's modern era is a live CD.  Recorded at various shows.

Live At Jammin' Java - 2006

Elizabeth, Phil & Chris' first CD is a mix of live originals and covers.

Candles - 2008

The first studio recording of "modern and most popular era" of LDE.

Seasons - 2008

Elizabeth, Phil & Chris' second CD is a mix of studio and live originals and covers.

Experience Unplugged - 2011

LDE's double live recording featuring guest musicians Albert Ketler, Chris Brooks and Elizabeth Coyle Kominski.

Holiday Experience - 2012

LDE's studio recording of Holiday songs.  Featuring Elizabeth Coyle Kominski.

Rock N' Roll Gangstas - 2014

Lloyd Dobler Effect's latest studio release.

The Irish Experience - 2013

LDE's studio recording collection of Irish Drinking tunes.  Featuring Elizabeth Coyle Kominski.

The Winter 3 E.P. - 2014

The Bubba's first CD.  A folk duo consisting of husband and wife Elizabeth Coyle Kominski and Phil Kominski